Gifted and Talented

Welcome to our Gifted and Talented pages

We hope you will read more about the variety of ways in which Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School is supporting Gifted and Talented students.

Gifted and Talented students are those:

  • with an outstanding gift or talent who perform, or show the potential for performing, at high levels when compared with others of their age in areas which include: creative arts; performing arts; sport; leadership capacity. Such students come from all cultural and socioeconomic groups;
  • whose academic ability far exceeds that of their peers. They show flair, originality, creativity and maturity in their work. They are able to synthesise a breadth of knowledge and understanding and consistently apply it in a range of contexts.

It is also recognised that there may be students who are gifted and talented but who choose not to show their ability. In some cases this can lead to negative behaviour.

In all cases, a sensitive approach will be required to enable the student to achieve as well as they can.


  1. We use a range of data including SAT, CAT and other test scores
  2. We routinely survey pupils
  3. We use information from subject specialists and parents
  4. There is currently no legislation that overtly relates to gifted and talented provision.

Pupils are identified at the start of each key stage. The register is reviewed regularly.



  • Gifted and Talented vertical peer mentoring is used to support gifted and talented pupils in key stage 3. Very able sixth form students matched with Key Stage 3 pupils
  • Gifted and Talented academic mentoring is used in two ways. The first of these is to address the individual academic needs of talented pupils and students performing at a very high level in regional, national and international competitions. The aim of the mentoring is to enable pupils to manage very demanding training schedules and absence for competition alongside their schoolwork.

The second use of academic mentoring is to address underachievement.


Opportunities for pupils and students to extend their experiences and achievement. Below are links to some of the activities we routinely offer. Other clubs, competitions and opportunities are regularly advertised on school televisions and bulletin boards and via newsletters.

Wider reading

We encourage wider reading as one of the best ways to enhance and develop what is being studied in the classroom. The school library is well-stocked and the librarians are always keen to support, advise and guide pupils’ interests. The reading lists will offer some inspiration.  Click below for Year 7 and Key Stage 5 reading lists: