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Who Are We?

The Committee is an active group of parents, who together with the Headteacher, Andrew Harris, work with the school to raise funds to improve the school experience for all our children. KLB Friends are the PTA for Katharine Lady Berkeley School.

Chair: Glenny Greenaway
Treasurer: Wendy Whitehouse
Secretary: Germaine Bath
80 20 Club: Tempe Stuart.

The Role of The Friends

Over the years, members of the Committee have helped the school community in several ways. We give our time on a voluntary basis to support formal school & foundation events, organise social activities, & co-ordinate fund raising events in support of various projects which directly benefit the students. These have included in 2015 a donation of £7000 to the school for the furnishing of the newly renovated canteen. In the past, monies raised have been used to purchase a Minibus, Lighting stands, IT Equipment & Costumes but the list is endless.

How can you get involved?

The success of the Friends relies on parental support. Why not play an active role in the things we do? You could help out at school concerts and plays by setting up and serving interval drinks……..even manage the bar! If you are really keen why not attend our meetings where you can help shape the things we do….. you may be able to offer some personal skills and knowledge that could be helpful in achieving our goals.

If you are too busy with your time why not get involved in our three fundraising schemes:

  • The 80/20 club. This is a monthly prize draw where 20% of the money raised is given in prizes. The more people who join the club, the greater the prizes.
  • One off Gift Aided donation
  • Monthly Donation scheme.

Forms can be found using the links below.

And finally……

“The Friends” is a great way to make friends with other parents and meet some of the teaching staff, whilst making a valuable supporting contribution to school life. If you can spare the time, we would welcome you on board.

For further details please contact:

Glenny Greenaway – Chair – Friends of KLB  email- KLBfriends@klbschool.org.uk
Find us on Facebook- Friends of KLB
Twitter- @friendsKLB