Congratulations to KLB’s ‘Stars Behind Bars’!

On Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd March our interpretation of the musical ‘Chicago’ was performed. The outstanding performances of Mahlia Pope and Heather Harrison as two rivalling prison inmates got the entire audience clapping along to a number of well-known songs about their trail to get off murder! Oscar Harrison, playing ladies’ man solicitor Billy Flynn, confidently helped his audience understand the trials and tribulations of these women and his excellent performance, both vocally and through his acting and dancing, made an engaging watch for all those who came.

The feedback from so many commented on the smooth technical decisions made by the lighting team and the exceptional standard of all those in the band made the performance worthy of being on the West End. All of the teachers in the drama and music department want to thank everyone involved both on stage, in the band and in the crew for all their hard work to help bring this musical to life. We are proud and grateful to have worked with such an enthusiastic bunch of children, so thank you and “All That Jazz!”

For now, “That’s Chicago folks!!”