University of Bristol – Drama Outreach Programme

Year 9 have been lucky enough to have ex pupil Jackson Lawrence come and provide a drama workshop as part of an outreach programme run by The University of Bristol. The drama workshop explored the endless opportunities drama can provide and the possibility that drama as a subject and an art form can be used to change the world.

The one hour workshop was a practical application of Boal’s Forum theatre to a range of fictional scenarios, exploring how you can use the role of the spectator within performances, to address a community’s immediate issues through drama.

Not only did this fantastic workshop allow students to get an insight to GCSE level material, it provided an introduction to Boal and his Forum Theatre. It allowed them to work with a range of different pupils and find ways of communicating issues and then addressing them in different ways, often resolving problems and overcoming conflict.

The KLB drama department would like to thank Jackson and the University of Bristol for providing us with such a fantastic workshop which really did inspire the pupils, allowing them to realise that drama is not just a subject taught in school!