Lost Property

The Lost Property office is based in the hut joined to the Snack Shack and is open during morning break from Monday to Thursday.

  • Lost Property operates on a four week rotation which means that after the fourth week unnamed items are disposed of.
  • Students are advised to name all items so that they can be informed that they are in lost property and need to be collected.

Information for parents

  • If parents wish to come to school to identify or retrieve items of lost property, they are welcome to do so during the school break time (10:30 – 10:45) on Monday – Thursday.
  • Would parents please let us know in advance that they wish to come in, as well as arranging for their child to meet them at reception at 10:25 in order to accompany them to the lost property room.
  • Items are retained in lost property for a minimum of four weeks. After this, storage space limitations mean that we may dispose of unclaimed items.