Parents’ Evening online booking

To book a parents’ evening appointment online please click on this link:

Bookings are typically available from 2 weeks before the actual evening takes place (exact dates and times below).  Please note that Key Stage 3 parents’ evenings are initially limited to 6 bookings to allow all parents the opportunity to make a reasonable number of appointments. After this time any remaining appointment slots will be made available and will be unlimited.  Please be aware that there may still be situations where a member of staff teaches multiple classes in a year group and will therefore be fully booked quite early on.  Please email the member of staff directly or through if this is the case.

Parents’ evening dates and booking availability 2016/2017:

  • Year 7  Tutor evening – Monday 12/09/16 (16:30-19:30)
    • Bookings available Thursday 08/09/16 (00:05) to Monday 12/09/16 (14:45)
  • Year 10Tuesday 22/11/16 (16:30-19:30)
    • Bookings available Tuesday 08/11/16 (00:05) to Tuesday 22/11/16 (14:45)
  • Year 13Thursday 01/12/16 (16:30-19:30)
    • Bookings available: Thursday 17/11/16 (00:05) to Thursday 01/12/16 (14:45)
  • Year 12Thursday 08/12/16 (16:30-19:30)
    • Bookings available Thursday 24/11/16 (00:05) to Thursday 08/12/16 (14:45)
  • Year 11Wednesday 18/01/17 (16:30-19:30)
    • Bookings available Wednesday 04/01/17 (00:05) to Wednesday 18/01/17 (14:45)
  • Year 8 – Tuesday 24/01/17 (16:00-19:30)
    • Limited bookings (maximum 6) available Tuesday 10/01/17 (00:05) to Tuesday 17/01/17 (00:05)
    • Unlimited bookings available Tuesday 17/01/17 (00:05) to Tuesday 24/01/17 (14:45)
  • Year 9 – Thursday 23/02/17 (16:00-19:30)
    • Limited bookings (maximum 6) available Thursday 09/02/17 (00:05) to Thursday 16/02/17 (00:05)
    • Unlimited bookings available Thursday 16/02/17 (00:05) to Thursday 23/02/17 (14:45)
  • Year 13Tuesday 07/03/17 (16:30-19:30)
    • Bookings available: Tuesday 21/02/17 (00:05) to Tuesday 07/03/17 (14:45)
  • Year 12Thursday 16/03/16 (16:30-19:30)
    • Bookings available Thursday 02/03/17 (00:05) to Thursday 16/03/16 (14:45)
  • Year 7Thursday 27/04/17 (16:00-19:30)
    • Limited bookings (maximum 6) available Thursday 30/03/17 (00:05) to Thursday 06/04/17 (00:05)
    • Unlimited bookings available Thursday 06/04/17 (00:05) to Thursday 27/04/17 (14:45)

Guide to Booking Appointments online (to download a printable guide click here.):

Step 1: Log in

  1. To log in, please fill out all the details on the web form.
  2. Ensure that you use the “legal” forename and surname that matches our student records (no abbreviations).
  3. Enter the Date of Birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  4. Enter a valid email address. This is required so the confirmation of your appointments can be emailed to you.

Step 2: Select Parents’ Evening

  1.  Click on the green tick to select the parents’ evening you want to make appointments for.

Step 3: Choose Teachers

  1.  A list of your children’s teachers will appear. Ensure the teachers you want to see are selected in green. If you do not want to see a teacher or want to book them later on then click on their name to de-select them.
  2. If you wish to make an appointment with the relevant Year Head then click on “Add a New Teacher” and select the Year Head department (please use the Message facility to make it clear that the appointment will be in this capacity).
  3. To make an appointment with Miss K John – Head of Special Educational Needs and Disability, do the same but select the SEN department instead.
  4. Click on the Continue button to proceed.

Step 4: Make Appointments

  1. Click on ‘Book’ to make your appointment with the teacher for the time you wish.
  2. Optionally enter a short note to the teacher to help structure the appointment.
  3. Repeat this for all the teachers you wish to see.
  4. After you have finished making appointments, click on the “click here” yellow box at the top of the page to receive a confirmation email.

Step 5: Finish

  1. Once you receive the email confirmation of your appointments this can be printed out or you can print out your appointments from the website (see below).

Viewing/Editing/Printing Appointments

  1. There is a link at the bottom of the confirmation email which logs you back into the system.
  2. You can then view and print your appointments by clicking the “Appointments” tab.
  3. You can also change your appointments by clicking on “Add/Edit/Delete Appointments”.