Primary Transition

What is the transfer procedure?

Parents of Year 6 children should make their application for a place at this school to the Local Authority for the area in which they live.  For most children this is either Gloucestershire or South Gloucestershire.  The application can be made using a paper form provided by the local authority or on-line.  Applications must be received by the 31 October.

When can I see around Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School?

Parents and children are welcome to visit KLB School at any time, simply telephone or email to request a suitable day and time.  We hold an Open Evening in September (see the school calendar for the exact date each year) where the Headteacher, Mr. Harris, gives a talk about the school and parents are welcome to visit all areas of the school with their Year 6 children.  Students and staff are on hand to answer questions and visitors can see displays of students’ work.  A school prospectus will be made available at the Open Evening but one can be requested at any time by contacting the school or a copy can be downloaded from the home page of this website.

Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School Admissions Policy

Our policy can be downloaded for this year or next two years (PDF format) using the links below.

Admissions Policy 2015-16

Admissions Policy 2016-17

Admissions Policy 2017-18

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