Staff members:

  • Mr J Sturt – Head of Psychology, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Examinations Board

OCR – AS specification H167 / A2 specification H567

Course Outline

Psychology is defined as the ‘study of mind and behaviour.’ If offers a unique educational experience that develops a distinctive and broad set of skills.  It’s located in scientific method and allows scope for extensive evaluation from a range of perspectives.

AS Level

Assessment overview

  • Research methods, 1 hour 30 minutes (75 marks), 50% of total AS level
  • Psychological themes, 1 hour 30 minutes (75 marks), 50% of total AS level
    through core studies

In research methods students will familiarize themselves with the four main methods of collecting data – self-reports, experiments, observations and correlations. The scientific method continues with the active planning and conducting of research, data recording and report writing.

The psychological themes are centred around 5 areas in psychology – social, cognitive, developmental, biological and individual differences and include memory, understanding disorders and responses to people in authority. There is an emphasis on students being aware of practical applications of all content that is covered.

A2 Level

Assessment overview

  • Research methods, 2 hours (90 marks), 30% of total A level
  • Psychological themes, 2 hours (105 marks), 35% of total A level
    through core studies
  • Applied psychology, 2 hours (105 marks), 35% of total A level

The content involved with the first two components of the assessment broadly follows the description at AS level but with a greater degree of analysis, interpretation and evaluation. Applied psychology consists of three modules, including issues in mental health and criminal psychology.

Career Possibilities

Psychology provides a good grounding for further study or careers involving work in areas such as health and social care, personnel, management, prison and probation services and teaching.