Staff members:

  • Mr R Shaw – Head of Faculty
  • Ms V Allin – Head of Biology
  • Mr P Cullwick – Head of Physics
  • Mrs M Ziegler – Head of Chemistry
  • Mr T Verber – Key Stage 3 Science Coordinator
  • Dr C Thomas
  • Miss J Temple
  • Mr S McRitchie
  • Mr J Dexter
  • Mr J Goode

Aims and Objectives:

Science is all about understanding how the Universe works. Pupils at different ages will gain a deeper understanding of parts of this quest. The use of experiments is vital in checking theoretical progress and it is the aim of the Science Faculty to impart some of the wonder and excitement that comes when concepts and mechanisms are understood. Science has also much to offer in terms of developing the analytical thinking and manipulative skills of the pupils. The ability to handle equipment safely, to work in teams and to interpret real data are important skills for the future. The Science Faculty work as a team, sharing good practice and being mutually supportive so that the final achievement will be seen to be greater than the sum of the parts.

The science curriculum:

At Key Stage 3 pupils follow a Science course combining ‘How Science Works’ with topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

At Key Stage 4 there are now five learning pathways to suit all pupils. These include:

  • Separate Sciences GCSEs.
  • Core and Additional Science GCSEs.
  • Core and Applied Science GCSEs.
  • Level 2 BTEC Applied Science Course.
  • Level 1 BTEC Applied Science Course.

At A level, the following are offered at AS and A2:

  • AQA Biology
  • Nuffield Chemistry Modular
  • Advancing Physics Modular


There are 11 laboratories and three preparatory rooms. The science team consist of 13 teachers, although not all are full time teachers of the subject. The department is supported by 4 technicians.