Staff members:

  • Mr L Poole – Head of Department and Head of Year
  • Miss R Fowles – Teacher of Sociology and Religious Education
  • Miss K John- Assistant Headteacher and teacher of sociology
  • Mr C Mann- Deputy Headteacher and teacher of sociology
  • Mrs C Pope- Teacher of sociology and business education

Sociology Teaching:

Sociology is a popular subject at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. Students follow the OCR syllabus for both GCSE and A level.

Key Stage 4:

Sociology is the study of individuals and groups in society. At GCSE level, students are introduced to basic sociological key terms and theories. Students are taught by specialist teachers who deliver the course over five lessons in a two week cycle. Students will cover the following topics: The Family; Education; Mass Media; Crime and Deviance and; sociological research skills. Students will have one exam in Y10 and two exams in Y11.

Key Stage 5:

Students who have studied sociology at GCSE level have the chance to study the subject in more depth at A’ level. It is important to be aware that it is not essential to have studied sociology at GCSE level to be able to do the subject at A’ level. Students will have two exams at AS level and three exams for the full A level. Topics to be taught include: socialisation; ‘The family’; Crime and Deviance.

Students will be expected to engage in debates and contribute to class discussions. There will be opportunities to conduct research on key social issues. In Year,12 students will take part in an arranged visit to Gloucester Crown Court.