Year 6 Pupil information

Your Tutor and your tutor group:

  • All new pupils are allocated to a tutor group before they join KLB school. Each tutor group has its own room and will stay with that tutor group until the end of Year 11.
  • Your tutor group is named after the initials of your tutor so if your tutor was called Mrs Jane Louise Smith then you would be in 7JLS then 8JLS, right through to 11JLS.
  • Your tutor is responsible for:
    • Marking the register in the morning and afternoon
    • Passing information to you, including letters that go home
    • Making sure you are in registration on time
    • Checking your school journal is being used and has been signed by your parents
    • Checking your uniform is complete and is being worn correctly before you leave the room
    • Collecting and checking absence notes
    • Discussing any difficulties you are having in school. They will either try and help directly, or get someone else to help you with the problem
  • We collect information about friendship groups from your primary school and try and keep such groups together as far as possible.
  • Registration lasts 5 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. Once or twice a week you will attend a Year 7 assembly after the afternoon register has been taken.

Your Head of Year:

  • Your Head of Year is responsible for the whole year group.
  • The Head of Year 7 is a fixed post in KLB School so when you go into Year 8 you will get a new Head of Year. This new Head of Year will then stay with you right through to the end of Year 11.

The School Day:

  • The school has a ‘two week’ timetable. This means your timetable of subjects repeats every 2 weeks. It is therefore very important that you remember if it is a ‘week 1’ or a ‘week 2’ or you might end bringing the wrong books to a lesson!
  • The school day starts quite early compared to most secondary schools but this does mean that you finish early as well and many pupils value still having a good part of the afternoon free when they get home!
  • Getting used to having different teachers for different subjects will take you a while to get used to. It also means there is a lot of moving around between lessons as everyone moves to their next classroom.
  • All lessons last 1 hour and there are 5 lessons a day. In the morning you will have 4 lessons, with a 20 minute morning break in the middle. Your lunch break lasts 40 minutes, followed by the single afternoon lesson.


  • The KLB school uniform is compulsory. Girls have slightly different uniforms to boys and can wear trousers if they wish.
    • Click here to view the full uniform rules.
    • KLB School council video podcast project:
      • Click here to view advice about footwear and bags for boys video podcast.
      • Click here to view advice about footwear and bags for girls video podcast.


  • You will be given a homework timetable which will tell you which homework to expect from which subjects on which days.
  • It is important that you write down your homework carefully in your journal and your teacher should give you time in the lesson to do this. Remember, one of your tutors responsibilities is checking journals are being filled in correctly and being signed weekly by your parents.
  • Sometimes, because the homework timetable might not exactly match the teaching timetable, you might be set a homework earlier than expected. If this happens, just wait until the day shown on the homework timetable before you complete it.

Student survey:

  • MyProfile_11-16  – (once completed, click Submit to send it as an email attachment)

Finding your way around the school site

  • Virtual tour (see if you can find the four house logos hidden around the school site)

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