This week the school has received further guidance form the DfE project team on the parts of the school which are to be replaced over the next few years. They have now confirmed that as a minimum the following areas are to be replaced (coloured pink areas in the plan):


• Kingswood (languages department)
• Gym
• DT
• Drama Hall, Stage area and Drama classroom behind
• Learning support
• Staff room area
• Portcabin units at the back of the school site (A4 / A5)


The replacement of these buildings will provide an opportunity for us to further enhance the facilities for our pupils which the school is excited about. The Drama Hall replacement for example will enable tiered seating to be provided and increase the overall floor space which will provide a more comfortable, flexible and improved experience for both our students and parents.


Extensive consideration is being given to the location of any new facilities and in particular to the phasing of the works to avoid / minimise any impact on our delivery of the curriculum and support to students. A number of options are being considered however before deciding we await final details of the underground services that we will need to avoid building over.


One option for the building locations is shown in the following drawing and work will continue to develop this approach over the coming weeks to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with this approach. Be assured that other options are being evaluated as well. We believe that having two buildings will almost completely avoid the need for any temporary accommodation to be used during the building phases of this project.


Building in locations similar to what is shown above will enable the school to retain its open campus style that is enjoyed by our students and will enable the school to create a large central quad for use by all. The illustration below shows what would believe the quad area could look like (taken from illustrations from a recent DfE rebuild project).


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