Over recent weeks the school has been working closely with the DfE project team to identify the best location for any replacement building and this work is nearing completion with the current proposal shown in outline below. This proposal will be provided to the appointed building contractor from which the location will be confirmed and detailed work on the external and internal design will begin.


The proposed location will be between our Renishaw building and the field (shown in the blue circle):


Initial internal layout drawings indicate that this will need to be a 3 storey building to accommodate all the teaching spaces as well as our replacement Gym and Drama Hall and the school is looking forward to working with the architects to determine the best layout for the departments involved.


Some may have noticed that we will likely need to relocate one of the sets of tennis courts and change the layout of our first team football and rugby pitches, but be assured we will be working closely with our PE department, the architects and also with Sport England to ensure that the replacement facilities are to a similar standard, suitable for the sports which these facilities are used for and that there is no loss of playing surfaces / areas.  The lighting will be reinstated above the tennis courts to support community use.


We are pleased that this location will be considered further as by building here will mean that:


  • There will be no loss of teaching accommodation during the build so no requirement anticipated for temporary teaching accommodation
  • The build time will be shorter meaning less potential for any disruption
  • The build area will be away from the majority of our teaching areas


The building itself of course will provide us with a modern, environmentally friendly facility with larger teaching spaces, a number of presentation areas, a larger drama hall, additional pupil social spaces and all being well an improved area for bus and car parking – in summary a great improvement for our pupils, staff and parents.


Through this design, the school continues to believe that it can continue to provide the excellent standard of education expected by our pupils in our current facilities.

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