Our vision

The visual arts have an enormous impact on our lives. In the media, the environment and in our homes, art subtly influences and reflects our values, our sense of history and our expectations for the future. Art is a vital part of our culture and well-being. We aim to provide an environment in which some students can develop their potential to the level where they can enter the creative arts professions through universities and colleges and where others can learn skills which will enhance their lives from this point forward.

Key Stage 3

Our vision is to facilitate art activities in which no one can fail and everyone can reach their potential. Pupils achieve this through an increased ability to make connections between their creative investigations in the making of their own work and the work of other artists, craft workers and designers. Learning will stimulate creativity and imagination by encouraging pupils to challenge assumptions, look at things in a new way, be receptive to new ideas and make informed judgments and practical decisions to communicate their ideas and thoughts.

In Year 7 we aim to introduce the formal elements of art and develop their practical skills, understanding and use of key terms in their art and written work.

In Year 8 we aim to develop an ability to design patterns by experimenting with shapes and composition and to design a comic style artwork using creative writing skills within character development.

In Year 9 we aim to encourage more independent and creative enquiries of research and experimenting through personal led projects

Key Stage 4

The following are available as Key Stage 4 options:

  • GCSE – Art, Craft & Design
  • GCSE – Fine Art
  • GCSE – Graphic Art
Sixth Form

The following are available as Key Stage 5 options:

  • A level – Fine Art
  • A level – Graphic Art
  • A level – Photography

We run numerous creative workshops after school throughout the school year for KS3 pupils to explore new techniques and materials with a specialist teacher who shares their own artistic practice outside of the curriculum, ranging from clay maquettes, to use of PhotoShop.
Each week, we provide Challenge and Support afterschool sessions for KS4 pupils for them to use the studio space and receive personalised advice on their projects.

All our A Level students have access to the studios after school to work independently on their personal investigations.

Each year, we run whole school competitions and display creative work from all year groups.

Social media

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Staff members

Miss P Taylor – Head of Department
(specialist areas Fine Art and Graphic Design)

Dr W Picken
(Fine Art Printmaking and Graphic Design)

Mr R Hall
(specialist areas – Fine Art, Digital Media and Photography)

Mr R Warren
(specialist area – Graphic Design)

Miss C Hall
(specialist area – Photography)

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