Key Stage 3

Vision/Intent – Our vision is to facilitate art activities in which no one can fail and everyone can reach their potential. Pupils achieve this through understanding how artists work through their creative process and pupils experience this process within each project. Explicit teaching of artists, designers, craft workers and architects and a range of art movements and genres enable pupils to make sense of the wider world and the context in which art is made. Pupils develop their skills and explore ideas by challenging assumptions and looking at things in a new way. We aim for all pupils to have the visual literacy to appreciate art.

Year 7

  • How to be an explorer – Within this project we introduce the formal elements of art and develop their practical observational skills, understanding and use of key terms in their art and written work.
  • How to explore self-expression – We explore portraiture within art history and investigate why artists produce self-portraits. Pupils are encouraged to include their own identity and personality within their artwork

Year 8

  • How to be a designer – We start the year by developing an ability to design and compose surface patterns and experiment with specific formal elements such as shape and colour. We investigate the work of contemporary artists and designers as well as observe patterns from different cultures.
  • How to tell a story – We later explore the use of narrative through creative writing, character development and figure drawing. An understanding of the anatomy and a diverse and dynamic range of poses is also taught.

Year 9

  • How to make my work my own – We encourage more independent and creative enquiries of research and experiment through personal led projects within more open project themes for pupils to develop a personal artistic identity
  • How to transform the world – Within this project, we investigate the designs and forms of architecture and investigate the purpose of functional public structures. 

A use of painting, sculpture and printmaking is explored within both themes to help develop their own artistic style and approach to creating personal work.

Key Stage 4

The following are available as Key Stage 4 options:

  • GCSE – Art, Craft & Design
    Drawing, printmaking, painting, 3D forms, mixed media are experimented and developed into resolved outcomes
  • GCSE – Fine Art
    Drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, installations are used within a personal project
  • GCSE – Graphic Art
    Drawing, printmaking, photography and digital art are explored through traditional techniques and industry level software such as Adobe PhotoShop
Sixth Form

The following are available as Key Stage 5 options:

  • A level – Fine Art
  • A level – Graphic Art
  • A level – Photography

We run numerous creative workshops after school throughout the school year for KS3 pupils to explore new techniques and materials with a specialist teacher who shares their own artistic practice outside of the curriculum, ranging from clay maquettes, to use of PhotoShop.

We run an weekly KS3 art club and also run supportive sessions for KS4 pupils for them to use the studio space and receive personalised advice on their projects.

All our A Level students have access to the studios during free periods and after school to work independently on their personal investigations.

Each year, we run whole school competitions and display creative work from all year groups.

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