Key Stage 3

Students have 3 lessons of Geography per fortnight in Key Stage 3 and cover the following topics:

Year 7

  • Map skills
  • What is an economy
  • Weather an climate
  • Russia
  • Rivers

Year 8

  • Development
  • Population
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Asia
  • Coasts

In Year 9, students begin to cover the skills and content needed at KS4 including:

  • Africa
  • The Middle East
  • What is the future of the planet?
Key Stage 4

Students follow the Edexcel A syllabus. The content includes:

  1. The Physical Environment.

The changing landscapes of the UK (rivers and coasts), Weather hazards and climate change, Ecosystems, biodiversity and management.

  1. The Human Environment

Changing cities, Global development and Water resource management.

  1. Geographical investigations: Fieldwork and UK challenges.

Fieldwork: Students carry out two fieldwork days to include a physical and human environment. They will identify a key question, carry out the research and back this up with secondary data sources. The techniques used and the results will form part of the written examination.

UK challenges: Students are required to draw their knowledge and understanding of the physical and human characteristics of the UK studied during the course and use their geographical skills, to investigate a contemporary challenge for the UK.

Key Stage 4

Students follow the Edexcel A level syllabus

Fieldwork: A total of four days of fieldwork is carried out over the two years of study and this currently involves a residential fieldtrip.

Topics include:

Year 12:

  • Coasts
  • Tectonic processes
  • Regenerating places
  • Globalisation
  • A geographical investigation

Year 13:

  • Water cycle and water insecurity
  • Carbon cycle and energy insecurity
  • Migration, identity and sovereignty
Staff members

Mr J Myers – Head of Department

Mr T Andrews – Teacher of Geography and Head of Year

Mrs C Bull – Teacher of Geography

Miss K Guthrie – Teacher of Geography

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