Key Stage 3

All pupils have 4 or 5 lessons of French a fortnight throughout Key Stage 3. Most pupils also start a second language in Year 7, which continues to the end of Year 9 alongside French. In the current Year 7, the second language is chosen from Spanish, Japanese or Chinese. There is also provision for children who need extra support in English.

The Key Stage 3 Languages curriculum aims to enable pupils to:

  • to communicate information about themselves in speech and in writing
  • to express and develop ideas and thoughts in another language
  • to understand and respond to spoken and written language
  • to communicate for practical purposes
  • to develop strategies for learning languages
  • to develop and understanding of grammatical and linguistic structures
  • to appreciate the customs and traditions of the target language country
  • to appreciate the differences between the target language country and their own culture gives a quick guide to the features of the languages offered at KLB.

All classes have some access to our Computer suite on a rota basis for lessons and most classes have some access to the Audio room.

Key Stage 4

The following are available as Key Stage 4 options:

  • GCSE French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (AQA examination board)
  • GCSE Japanese (Edexcel examination board)
Key Stage 5

A levels are offered in:

  • French and Spanish (AQA examination board)
  • Japanese (Edexcel examination board)

For Chinese, students study the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Pre-U Mandarin. This is equivalent to an A level, recognised by universities in the UK and overseas and the qualification carries similar UCAS points to a full A level subject.

Exchanges and Trips

Students have the opportunity to take part in a range of well-established overseas visits to support their language learning.  Trips that regularly run at KLB are:

  • French exchange with Collège Denecourt (near Paris)
  • Japanese exchange with Hikawa High School (Yamanashi Prefecture)
  • Spanish exchanges with Colegio I.E.S. (Gran Canaria) and Colegio Altair (Madrid)
  • Language trip to China (arranged through Confucius Institute at Institute of Education)
  • Sixth-form French trip to Lycée Barthou (Pau)
Language Learning

Learning a language can present new challenges. Successful students develop a range of learning skills for vocabulary and frequently revise what they know to make it stick.

  • Teachers and students make use of Quizlet to practise and learn vocabulary. Groups have been set up for individual classes to make finding sets of words easier.
  • We subscribe to and other websites that can help reinforce what students have learnt in class.
  • Many good ideas for memorising and revising are gathered together on the school website here.
  • Why Study Languages? gives lots of great advice about languages in general.
  • Useful links for Japanese learners:
Staff members

Miss S Jones
Head of Languages, Head of French

Miss S O’Sullivan
Head of Spanish, teacher of Spanish and French

Mrs M Tate
Head of Chinese, teacher of Chinese and Japanese

Mr D Thompson
Head of Japanese, teacher of French

Mrs S Bateman
Teacher of Spanish and French

Mrs E Caldwell
Teacher of French and Spanish

Ms N De Silva
Teacher of Japanese and French

Mrs L Hale
Teacher of Spanish and French

Mr V Le Goascoz
Teacher of French and Spanish

Mrs E Payne
Teacher of Spanish and French

Mr S Popham
Head of Key Stage 5 French, Teacher of French and Spanish

Mrs G Trefalt
Teacher of Chinese and French

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