Our Vision

Mathematics is the language of logic and the process of problem solving through structured method and strategy. It provides a foundation for understanding how the world works and can open our eyes to surprising and beautiful things. We aim to develop all pupils’ curiosity about the problems they encounter and their abilities to tackle these confidently in an efficient, logical manner using a wide range of mathematical skills and concepts. We will work together on knowing how to carry out calculations and on knowing why techniques work, so that we can build the confidence to apply these in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

Key Stage 3

Through their study at KS3 pupils will develop fluency in the foundations of mathematics; focusing on mastering the fundamentals to prepare them appropriately for the GCSE course. They will become confident in recalling mathematical knowledge and applying this knowledge to increasingly complex problems. Pupils are encouraged to reason mathematically and solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems.

In Year 7 to instil in young people a love of mathematics with particular emphasis on consolidating and building on KS2 content; including mastering written calculations with decimals, fractions and whole numbers, and introducing more sophisticated methods and reasoning

In Year 8 to encourage pupils in developing their understanding of mathematics through applying their knowledge to increasingly complex problems. Introducing mathematical abstractness with the increased use of algebra.

In Year 9 to inspire pupils to become increasingly independent learners with the ability to follow their own lines of enquiry when problem solving through conjecturing relationships and generalisations, hence preparing them to tackle the demands of GCSE Mathematics.

Key Stage 4

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics course. There are two tiers of entry for GCSE mathematics: Higher tier, where grades 9 – 4 are available, and Foundation tier where grades 5 – 1 are available. For both tiers, the examination consists of one 1 1/2 hour non-calculator paper and two 1 1/2 hour papers for which a calculator may be used. The most able pupils will have the option of studying the OCR Additional mathematics.

We aim to develop our students into mathematicians for life, so they leave KLB with the knowledge they need to be confident in the world, whether this is with the money skills needed in a workplace, or being able to solve advanced trigonometry problems ready for further study.

Key Stage 5

Students follow the two year Edexcel A-Level Mathematics course. The course content is two thirds pure mathematics and one third applied mathematics.

For our more able pupils, we also offer the two year Edexcel A-level in Further Mathematics. This course has a similar structure to the standard A-level also comprising pure and applied content.

We aim to inspire students with a lifelong passion for mathematics, and equip them with the knowledge they need for advanced courses at university or in apprenticeships.


The department has 9 teaching rooms, all of which have projector and audio facilities. In lessons we use a variety of text books, worksheets and activities designed to suit each class and the current topic. For KS5 students and have a mixture of textbooks and access to online resources. All pupils have access to a range of online resources including the Mymaths, Mathspad and Dr Frost websites, which give them immediate feedback and have revision videos.


Each week in term time we offer open after school Maths Drop Ins, where pupils can ask about any aspect of the mathematics they have been studying or, indeed, other areas of mathematics they have been exploring. These run on separate days for each Key Stage. Details will be advertised to pupils by class teachers.

Each year a large number of pupils take part in the individual and team UKMT National Mathematics Challenges. We also organise STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshops in school with the support of local industry.

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