Head Girl Completes David Goggins Challenge 2024


Natahsa Kerr recently completed the gruelling David Goggins Challenge to raise funds in memory of KLB teacher, Nichala Gallivan.

What is the David Goggins Challenge?
The challenge itself was the 4x4x48 running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours – so running periodically both during the day and at night for two days!

What was your incentive to take part?
I was devastated to hear about to Miss Gallivan and I thought she was such an amazing teacher and a lovely person. I had done a similar challenge to raise money in lockdown and when I heard that Miss Daniel was setting up a just giving page I wanted to help in any way that I could.

How did you prepare?
Training wise I am quite a crazy runner anyway so I had the baseline fitness but as I knew it would be running multiple times throughout days and nights I started incorporating days where I would run 2-3 times in one day to prepare.

How did you find it?
The challenge itself was very tough and I don’t think I had anticipated how hard the lack of sleep aspect was going to be. Running a double marathon is hard enough but doing it on minimal sleep is definitely a lot harder!

How did you feel at the end?
I had a huge feeling of accomplishment and was so proud of what I had done; it was definitely worth it and all for a good cause.

Well done, Natasha and congratulations to on testing your mental and physical fitness and rising to the challenge – we are all proud of you too.

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