Members play a crucial role in safeguarding academy trust governance. Members are required to assure themselves that the governance of the trust is effective, Academy Trustees are acting in accordance with the trust’s charitable object and that they will use their powers as Members to step in if governance is failing . The Members are:

  • John Cordwell (Founder Member)
  • Ian Turner (appointed 19th October 2021)
  • Martin Dove (appointed 19th October 2021)
  • Simon Weston (appointed 10th October 2018)

KLB School Trustees

School trustees have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles:

  • Ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined.
  • Ensuring that the Headteacher performs his responsibilities for the educational performance of the school.
  • Ensuring the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.

(School Trustee Regulations – 2013)

Foundation Appointed Trustees

  • Margaret Clarke

Parent Trustees

  • Mr Andrew Covell
  • Mr Paul Downs
  • Stephen Watson
  • Zarah Morwood.

Parent Trustees can either be elected by parents of children at the school or, if insufficient numbers are elected, can be appointed by the trustee body to fill any remaining vacancies. Such appointees need not be parents of children currently attending the school – if no suitable candidates are found, they may be parents of former pupils, or of any child of school age. Parents so appointed can be removed from their positions by a majority vote of the trustee body.

Co-opted Trustees

  • Ms Sarah Plant (Vice chair)

Co-opted trustee roles will be offered by the trustee body to individuals from the local community (including parents) who can bring particular skills or experience to the board.

Member appointed Trustees

  • Simon Weston

Staff Trustees

The Headteacher is invited by the Members to act as trustee.


  • Sharon Reynolds
  • Geoff Warnock

Associates are elected by the school staff and must be paid to work at the school and by the school (that is, not under an external contract). One Associate is a teacher and one is a member of the support staff. If no member of the appropriate category stands for election, the vacant place can be filled by an elected person from the other category (i.e. if no teacher wishes to act as an Associate, two Associates may be support staff, and vice-versa).

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