School Uniform

At KLB School we are continually focusing on developing the aspirations of our pupils and one of these skills is to become a self-manager and present themselves in a smart way in preparation for later life opportunities.

We firmly believe that it is an essential part of the ethos and culture of KLB School that all pupils manage the way in which they present themselves and comply with the school uniform requirements. We are very proud of our community and want all our young people to show that they are too, by wearing our uniform with pride.

Our Uniform Supplier

All of the KLB School uniform may be purchased from our supplier Monkhouse based in Yate at:

Unit 4A Badminton Centre
Station Road
BS37 5HT

Telephone: 01454 323779
Website: Monkhouse

School ties are also available from reception at the school.

School Uniform Grants

Parents/Carers of students joining Year 7 who are eligible for Free School Meals or Pupil Premium Funding may apply for a grant to help with uniform costs.

The application form is available by clicking on the link below:

Uniform Policy

Maintaining a high standard of uniform is important for a school. It conveys confidence, quality and supports a purposeful learning environment.   School uniform is not designed to be fashionable and cannot keep in step with the rapid changes in fashion each year. The aim is that students look neat and tidy and that all extremes are avoided.

Details of the school uniform are given below.  (PDF version)

General Rules

  1. All items should be clearly labelled.
  2. Blazers must be worn by all students in years 7 to 11.
  3. Only one stud per ear, in the ear lobe, can be worn. Stretchers should not be worn. Other forms of jewellery are not acceptable other than a watch.
  4. Hairstyles should be tidy and inconspicuous. Extremes of fashion are not acceptable. No artificial hair colour, e.g. pink, blue streaks.
  5. White T-shirts and vests may be worn under shirts but should not be visible. Coloured T-shirts or vests should not be worn.
  6. Hoodies are not allowed.
  7. Nail polish should not be noticeable. Nail extensions are not allowed.
  8. Outdoor clothing: coats may only be worn over blazers. Denim and leather are not allowed.

Students in years 7 to 11

  • School Blazer – maroon, with a school badge.
  • White shirt or blouse with a collar button which can be fastened. There should not be a gap between the bottom of the shirt and trousers/skirt.
  • Optional V-necked pullover in school maroon with embroidered logo (available from Monkhouse).
  • School tie with house colour stripe.
  • Trousers should be smart, black, full length and of reasonable width. They should not be jeans, chinos, leggings, jeggings or treggings (acceptable styles are shown below).
  • Skirts must be black in a simple style with a plain weave material. Skirts must not be tight, stretchy or very short (acceptable styles are shown below).
  • Shoes should be black or brown leather or leather-look, suitable for school and be polishable. Logos or markings must be the same colour as the shoe, (acceptable styles are shown below).
  • Tights and ankle socks should be plain black.

Acceptable skirts/trousers


Acceptable shoes

School shoes

Sports Kit


  1. Plain white Polo shirt
  2. White ankle socks
  3. Navy skort
  4. Girls games top (available from Monkhouse)
  5. Navy games socks
  6. Football boots (blades or moulded boots)
  7. Shin Pads
  8. Trainers
  9. Gum Shield


  1. Plain white polo shirt
  2. Plain navy shorts
  3. White ankle socks
  4. Maroon and navy rugby shirt (available from Monkhouse)
  5. Navy games socks
  6. Football / Rugby boots (blades or moulded boots)
  7. Shin Pads
  8. Gym shoes / trainers
  9. Gum shield

Optional Kit

  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy PE hooded top (available from Monkhouse)
  • Astro Turf Trainers
  • Curriculum

  • Information