Year 8 Information – 2023/2024

Head of Year 8 – Miss S Hind
Assistant Head of Year 8 –
Mr M Smith

Tutor groups and houses:

  • 8JRB –  J Black (Berkeley)
  • 8ALC – A Chinnick (Durand)
  • 8DRH – D Hipwell (Logan)
  • 8JJH – J Hopkins (Durand)
  • 8JPH – J Howe (Wellicome)
  • 8JKI – J Ilic (Wellicome)
  • 8DBR -(AJJ) D Bray (Berkeley)
  • 8NKD – N Kelly-Davies (Wellicome)
  • 8RHM – R Meredith (Logan)

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) is providing vouchers to eligible families who sign up to our Holiday Free School Meals (FSM) scheme. These vouchers are provided by GCC as part of our commitment to ‘no child goes hungry’.

The scheme is for children in reception to year 11 who receive benefits-related free school meals and attend a school in Gloucestershire.
Families who have signed up to the scheme will receive £15 per child, per week. We will be distributing 2 weeks’ worth of vouchers for the holiday period.

Parents who have signed up previously do not need to re-register – you will already have been included. To ensure we reach all those who are eligible, we are encouraging parents that have not previously signed up, to sign up as soon as they can.

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