KLB School Rebuild Proposal

As previously reported, in early 2021 KLB was selected by the Department for Education (DfE) as one of the initial 100 nationwide schools requiring replacement of buildings nearing the end of their life.

The parts of the school to be replaced include:
• Kingswood (languages department)
• Gym
• DT
• Drama Hall, Stage area and Drama classroom behind
• Learning support
• Staff room area

These buildings were part of the original school on our current site built in the mid-1960s.

The replacement of these buildings will provide an opportunity for the school to further enhance the facilities for our pupils which the school is excited about. The Drama Hall replacement for example will enable tiered seating to be provided and increase the overall floor space which will provide a more comfortable, flexible facility and improved experience for both our students and parents.

Extensive consideration has been given to the location of any new facilities and in particular to the phasing of the works to avoid / minimise any impact on our delivery of the curriculum and support to students as well as to the local community. A number of options have been considered and we have now decided on final design and are working closely with Kier Construction and their team to deliver this project. In outline this is in the drawing below.

Details of the final design can be downloaded via the following link:

In addition, below is a link to a virtual tour of the new part of the school which brings all the information to life:

Throughout all the design work we have been keen to have a focus on providing the best environment possible for the education of our pupils. Be assured we will be retaining our open campus style that is enjoyed by our students and will provide a large central quad with additional seating and canopies for use by all. These are in addition to the wider benefits of the modern teaching facilities that will be provided.

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