The school has a medical room staffed by a team of trained first aiders. Please be aware that the school cannot provide pain-killers or medical aids. We offer first aid, the management of medical conditions and support. Where an injury or condition goes beyond minor first aid, the student is referred to their GP or hospital. Parents are contacted where possible. It is important that the school are given up to date contact information at all times.

Should your child suffer an illness or accident at home before coming to school, please do not send them in if they need to see a doctor. If your child complains that they felt ill before coming to school and were sent in, the school will assume that in your judgement your child is well enough to be here. We will not, of course, ignore any student whose condition has clearly deteriorated.

Medication in School

The DfE guidelines state:

Staff should never give a non-prescribed medicine to a child unless there is specific prior written permission from the parents…

If a child suffers regularly from frequent or acute pain the parents should be encouraged to refer the matter to the child’s GP.”

A medical consent form needs to be completed for any medication that is to be taken at school (excluding inhalers, auto-injectors/EpiPens and insulin) Only medicines that remain in their original container with clear instructions regarding dosage can be accepted.

For health and safety reasons, with the exception of inhalers and auto-injectors/EpiPens, it is important that pupils do not carry medication with them at any time. It could present a risk to the pupil themselves as well as others.

Asthma – all pupils who have asthma must carry their reliever inhaler with them at all times. The inhaler must be labelled with the pupil’s name and tutor group. We also recommend that a spare asthma inhaler is stored in the Medical Room for pupils requiring one.

Student Wellbeing and Support


We have an experienced team who can provide additional support to pupils in need. This could come from a variety of people including:

  • Mrs Smyth-Roberts, Mental Health Nurse and Pastoral Support Adviser
  • Mrs Gardner, Welfare and Attendance Officer
  • Mrs Daniel, Winston’s Wish trained to support students dealing with bereavement
  • Talk in Confidence (TIC) trained sixth formers, whose support includes one to one work with some younger, vulnerable students
  • Careers Adviser
  • School Nurse

The School Nurse visits the school weekly usually a Monday lunchtime 12:50-1:30 in the Meeting room near Reception. They offer a confidential drop-in service where pupils can chat about all sorts of health worries, friendships, bullying, drugs, relationships, sexual issues.


The School Nurse team also arrange and administer vaccinations given to pupils in school. Immunisations require parent/legal guardian consent on each occasion.

  • Year 7 girls and boys – Nasal Flu Vaccination
  • Year 8 girls and boys – Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Year 9 girls and boys – Second HPV
  • Year 9 girls and boys – Men ACWY & DTP (both given on the same day)

Individual Health Care Plans

These are completed for any pupil with specific health needs with parents/guardians, health and education working together to support the pupil.

  • Curriculum

  • Information