Parents’ Evening online booking

To make an online parents’ evening appointment please visit  If you are unable to make an online booking then please either email, or phone the school, and we will be able to make bookings on your behalf.

As part of the Covid-19 restrictions, all parents’ evening appointments this year will be via video.

If you are unable to use the video appointment system for any reason then please contact the school.

Further information on using the online booking system

  • For security reasons, each parent will be issued with an individual 8-digit Parent Login Code which they will need to access the system.
  • Once bookings are available, appointments can be made up to 2:45 pm on the day of the parents’ evening (exact dates and times below).
  • Please note that Key Stage 3 appointments are initially limited to 8 per parent to allow all parents the opportunity to make a reasonable number of appointments. After this time the number of appointments will be unlimited.
  • Please also be aware that there may still be situations where a member of staff teaches multiple classes in a year group and will inevitably be fully booked quite early on. Please email the member of staff directly or through if this is the case.

Parents’ evening dates, times and booking availability 2020/2021:

Parents’ EveningDate Start timeEnd timeOpen for limited bookings
(8 maximum)
Open for unlimited
Year 1326/11/20204.30pm7.30pm16/11/2020
Year 803/12/20204.00pm7.30pm23/11/202027/11/2020
Year 1210/12/20204.30pm7.30pm30/11/2020
Year 1128/01/20214.30pm7.30pm21/01/2021
Year 911/02/20214.00pm7.30pm01/02/202108/02/2021
Year 1025/02/20214.30pm7.30pm10/02/2021
Year 725/03/20214.00pm7.30pm11/03/202118/03/2021
Year 1206/05/20214.00pm7.30pm21/04/2021
Year 13To be confirmed4.30pm7.30pmTo be confirmed
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