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We are delighted to welcome our new Year 7 students who will be joining us in September. We are really looking forward to welcoming new families to the KLB School community and have lots of activities planned for the coming months to help new students to get to know their school, and each other.

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Y6 Information Evening – Q&A

Where can I purchase a KLB school tie?

School ties can be purchased using your Scopay account. Your child will receive their tie in school on the first day.

Will I be with my friends in the same tutor group?

You may be in a tutor group with some of your friends, but likely not all of them. You will be in a tutor group with at least one person from your primary school, unless you are the only student coming to KLB from your class. Ideally, we would like you to use this opportunity to make new friends too, as that is what this process is about.

What if I am the only person from my primary school coming to KLB?

We try to put children who come to us as the only members of a primary school together, so at least there will be a few of you in the same situation to help you make friends more easily.

Who do I go to if I have a problem?

Your tutor should ideally be your first point of contact if you have a problem, but it doesn’t mean they are the only contact. You have a Head of Year who is solely responsible for the students in your year group and support you with any problems and issues, should any arise. KLB staff are extremely supportive and identified staff in school are trained to deal with issues such as anxiety, friendship issues, family problems etc. We also have members of staff responsible for Safeguarding in the school who are all highly trained to respond to your worries or concerns.

How can I find out whether my child receives free transport to school?

There is a transport section in the Information Booklet that has all the details you need regarding transport, including a list of school bus operators and contact details.

How can I set up a Scopay account?

All parents will receive a link w/c 14th June. This link will allow you to register your details and set up an account. Once your account is active, you will be able to load money onto the system for your child to use in the canteen, as well as purchasing a school tie, pay for a locker and music tuition.

We have had difficulties accessing Show My Homework for 2 different children. I can see the homework for each on the parent link but they are unable to tick it off . Is there a way to change between children on the same device?

Parents can link their accounts to multiple children simply by using their parent codes. You can read more by clicking here.

Have I understood correctly that students are allowed to use their phones in school now? If so what are the rules on this?

As soon as pupils enter the school site, they must turn off their phone and the phone must remain out of sight until the end of the school day. If a pupil needs to ring home, they can do this by using the telephone in reception.

Do you have a school equestrian team?

Yes we do! We are incredibly fortunate that Sharron Bates (School Sport Co-ordinator) oversees our equestrian team who participate in various competitions during the year. If you have any specific questions regarding the equestrian team, please don’t hesistate to contact Sharron by email, sbates@klbschool.org.uk.

Do you need to wait to order tie depending what house group you are in?

No. You can purchase a tie now on Scopay, and our admin staff will ensure you child receives the correct tie on their first day in September.

Will the building works affect Year 7 starters?

As explained by Tim Rand during the Information Evening, we are looking forward to a rebuild project that will give us state of the art DT, PE, language and inclusion facilities. Pupils’ learning will not be impacted by the building work, as demolition of current buildings will not take place until pupils can move into the new build.

What happens if you are late to lesson?

There are many genuiune reasons why a pupil may turn up to a lesson late. If a pupil does arrive to a lesson after the start time, they are expected to apolgise for being late and quickly settle without causing disruption. It is likely the teacher will discreetly ask why they are late to the lesson. Tutors and Heads of Year will have an overview on punctuality in school, and pupils will be spoken to if lateness is persistant.

Will there be after school clubs for year 7s and what time do club normally finish if running?

We are planning for year 7 pupils to access our full extra curricular programme from September. Clubs will usually start in the first few weeks of term. Typically, most clubs run for 1 hour and finish between 3:45 and 4pm.

How to clubs work for children who take buses?

Depending on the destination, some pupils are fortunate to be able to catch a later bus. On the whole, pupils are picked up by their parents, or share lifts with other pupils who live near by.

How many sports are taught in PE in a term?

Typically, pupils will be taught 2 sports a term, one indoor and one outdoor sport. Pupils are allocated 2 hours of games a week. There is an exception during term 2, where all pupils will participate in cross-country, in addition to the other 2 sports that term.

What should a child do if they experience any bullying?

We give you our professional and personal commitment at KLB School that any issues of bullying that we are notified about will be dealt with appropriately and that we do not stop, until it stops. For bullying to be dealt with, it takes a huge commitment from everyone in the school community to speak up about it and support our friends to do the same. Bullies can’t operate in an open and honest community where everyone operates this zero-tolerance policy.

Our main advice is to let a member of staff know as quickly as possible – this could be a tutor, class teacher, Head of Year.

Would you consider offering Spanish as the first language option, rather than French?

We are afraid not. The way in which the curriculum and timetables are designed allows us to offer French to all pupils, and Spanish as the additional language,

Will the setting for PE be done on a run or different criteria for this year?

PE setting will always be based on assessing pupils in a range of skills and sports including endurance, hand-eye coordination, agility, game awareness etc. It is likely that Y7 pupils will experience a range of sports in that first term including cross country, football, rugby, cricket, netball, basketball, and hockey.

Is there a uniform kit list available?

Yes. You can find this information in the Y6 information booklet.

Will you put siblings in the same house?

This isn’t part of the process. Pupils’ house is based on which tutor group they are in, and it is our priority that pupils are in the correct tutor group (friendships etc).

When will they find out their tutor groups?

Pupils will find out which tutor group they are in on their first day.

Will Mrs Landeg remain Head of Year for the foreseeable future?

Mrs Landeg will see the year group through the transition process, and remain with them until the end of year 7. The year group will be given a new Head of Year in year 8, who will take the year group through to starting their GCSEs.

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