British National Schools Pistol Shooting Bronze Medalists 2023


Seven athletes travelled up to Staffordshire for the National finals of the British Schools pistol shooting Championships on February 7, having qualified at various regional rounds earlier in the academic year. Grace and Lizzie German teamed up with Dottie Read, featured on right, to battle out for a top team spot, where they finished in an impressive bronze medal position.

Dottie Read made the cut for the final elimination rounds in the individual competition and after a tense shoot off finished 7th from 40 finalists, shown on left.

In the intermediate age group Bess Higton, Tahlia Coombe and Winnie Read put in a solid performance against teams from all over Great Britain to finish in a creditable 7th position. Team featured on the right.

Harvey Barfoot Saunt, seen below, lined up in the senior finals alongside the top pistol shooters in the country, including the current Welsh champion, a European record holder and another athlete with a world ranking. In a very closely scoring group Harvey shot well to gain 11th in his detail and watched with admiration as the 8 finalists went on to shoot consistent bullseyes for the medal positions.

A super experience for all KLB representatives; these events are incredibly tense and it takes a huge amount of self-control and concentration to compete at this level.

Many thanks to all parents/carers for their support with this competition.

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