Year 13 Leavers’ Day 2023

KLBSixth Form

It was not without a few tears that we said goodbye to our fabulous year 13 students. They celebrated their last week in style with a series of long-standing traditions marking the end of their time at KLB. They came in silly shirts to enjoy a rather rainy barbeque, ice creams and quiz on Wednesday, resurrected their old school uniforms and their younger-school selves on the Thursday – making up for the shirt-signing they missed during Covid – and then did themselves proud with their amazing fancy dress costumes on their final day.

Much amusement and a little bit of mayhem was brought to everybody’s morning as Scooby Doo and his entourage (including the Mystery Machine), various characters from Star Wars, the men from the 118 ad (they’d clearly been practising the funny run), a few dinosaurs, some Minions, Gangster Grannies (complete with mobility scooter), Power Rangers, chipmunks, Little Bo Peep, the characters from Toy Story, Men in Black and many more, visited classrooms and offices to bid farewell. It was great to hear children in KS3 talking about what they will dress up as when they finish the sixth form!

Of course, many of them returned to work on Monday morning to resume their preparation, making the most of the study library and on-hand support as they revise. We wish them well and look forward to celebrating the end of exams with them at their prom in June.

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