KLB School Primary Science Network Science Fair 2023

KLBSixth Form

In collaboration with our Primary Science network, we have recently launched the Enthuse Partnership, funded by STEM Learning. Enthuse Partnerships encourage collaborative working between schools, and the development of bespoke long-term action plans. The goal is to improve young people’s engagement with and achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects, and to inspire them to consider STEM related careers.

STEM Learning is the largest provider of STEM education and careers support to groups working with young people across the UK. The organisation provides STEM ambassadors and invaluable links to local business and industry.

The particular aims of the Enthuse partnership between KLB and local feeder primary schools are to raise the profile of Science, Technology and Engineering amongst pupils in years 6 and 7, to help develop essential STEM skills and to enhance transition from primary to secondary education.

We launched the Enthuse Partnership at this year’s science fair at KLB, which was organised by our Year 12 science outreach team. The event was the culmination of the first year of our primary outreach programme: Since September, Year 12 students have visited local primary schools each week to deliver high quality STEM activities, which they have planned and resourced themselves.

Almost 450 primary pupils from across 11 local schools joined us and carried out a rotation of fun experiments under the guidance of the sixth form students. They designed, built and launched rockets; made and used spectroscopes; investigated material properties by making leaf boats, writing secret messages (using lemons) and examining bubbles; studied some principles of physics by looking at water drops on coins, using air blasters and smoke machines, and a hairdryer and ping pong balls.

In addition, KLB students put on two shows: the Big Bang show, which used science to make some spectacular noises, and the Pressure show with interactive activities including a demonstration of the full force of the Earth’s atmosphere in the ‘feeling pressurised’ bin bag.

Thanks to the planning, preparation and dedication of the sixth form team, the day was a huge success. Our thanks too to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for their donation of materials to make the spectroscopes, and Dr Judith Vorley, STEM ambassador, who supported the day. Finally, thank you to the primary students who have engaged with the programme this year with such interest and enthusiasm.

One of the primary school teachers commented, “To go somewhere to have a hands-on experience led by students was truly wonderful and we can’t thank them enough. My abiding memory was the younger children’s faces that showed awe and wonder when there were big bangs and something remarkable happened. To send a Pringle through the post and see it at the other end was so rewarding. One child said ‘We did it, it didn’t break!’.”

In the words of one Year 12 student:

Through our outreach work, we had been building up to this event all year. One of the main challenges was getting all the experiments ready on time and organising so many children but everyone pulled their weight so we managed.“Our main aim was to inspire the youngsters into the world of science and to show them how exciting it can be. I think we smashed it! I loved being with a terrific team working together to make the children’s day. They all left so happy and had a fantastic time.
The Primary Science Fair was amazing. Simply amazing. The buzz around the school with almost 450 enthusiastic young scientists was palpable. Many thanks all the primary classes and their teachers who pack’d a pringle! The dedication and enthusiasm of our year 12 students were simply outstanding. What a great event to launch the next chapter of the KLB primary science work, and launch the new ENTHUSE partnership. 


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