West Side Story 2024


To a packed house for all matinee and evenings, KLB students performed the swansong show for the school’s Drama Hall. For this significant milestone, they chose West Side Story, the famous love story of Tony and Maria caught up in the street gang rivalry of the Jets and Sharks, a tale based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The performances were the culmination of months of preparation in anticipation of the sheer volume of content the band, cast and crew needed to process and perfect. Students from across the school community came together to contribute their musical, drama, artistic and technical skills. The combination of dialogue, score and choreography was a big ask of the students, but they did a phenomenal job at approaching it all with sustained energy, enthusiasm and commitment. Special mention to KLB ex-student Emma Jones, who gave up so much time to learn and teach the complex choreography to our students, many of whom had no previous dance experience!

Hannah Khan, Headteacher, commented: “The school is immensely proud of every one of the cast and crew members involved. All parts, large or small, on stage or behind the scenes worked together seamlessly to make a resounding success of this ambitious endeavour.

“With this production, we bid a poignant farewell to our existing Drama Hall that has housed so many fabulous drama and music events over the years. Now we look to the future and are excited at the prospect of the next performances that will take place in our new Berkeley building. We look forward to music and drama continuing to thrive at KLB in the years to come.”

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