French A Level Trip – Virtual Reality Tour of Lascaux Caves 2023


Eleven students from Year 12 and Year 11 stepped back 21,000 years in time to look at the incredible stone age cave art of Lascaux with the help of a Virtual Reality headset. The original caves in South-West France were closed to the public in 1963 and a full-size replica has been made for visitors nearby. This new interactive event meant we only had to travel to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

The students saw hundreds of paintings and engravings of animals such as horses, bison, bulls, ibex and even a rhinoceros! They also painted animals with their fingers and blew paint on to the walls to understand how and why the Cro-Magnons created these images.

The exhibition also featured displays on life at the time including replicas of objects found on the cave floor and life size sculptures of a Cro-Magnon family.

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